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Videoke Facts

Videoke comes from the word video karaoke. Filipinos are fun of making short word from a groups of words hence they created "videoke" word from "video karaoke" words. Other reason videoke was invented is because of their love of music.


Videoke songs are songs played on videoke machine. Videoke song lyrics is displayed and highlighted when played in videoke machine. Life could be so lonely during weekend with out videoke. Videoke is a great way of having fun. There is a fraction calculator that will compute and gives a high rating to those who have sang gracefully. Family members and friends gathered around videoke machine singing their favorite songs while drinking wine and other alcoholic beverage. This makes videoke a part of Filipino culture.


During city, town, or barangay fiesta, a celebration is now complete without a videoke. Host will prepare or rent a videoke machine to be used for their visitors. Most of the visitors enjoy singing. Visitors who got drunk are the ones with louder voices.


Other occasions like birthday parties, wedding, and anniversaries, videoke is still the mean way of enjoying.


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